The Apples of Nerull

Courtroom Drama

The free party wakes and goes about their day, asking questions and preparing for the battle at sunset. Garrus, Grog, and Onyx watch as a prison escape is enacted, and the guard is slaughtered. They stay in their cells, noting the appearance of the escapees.

Quarion, Vaden, and Rolena discover that Ulga has been killed during the night. Vaden and Rolena search for Anna, while Quarion goes to make sure that Tom is alright. Vaden and Rolena find Anna’s boyfriend and search his thoughts for news of her. They find that she found him secretly early that morning and told him that she had to hide for a while, fearfully. Quarion goes to the wall where Tom is posted, only to see him pushed off by a fellow guard, to his death.

Near sunset, the free party is headed toward the appointed place when they happen across Anna. She joins them in the assault. They are spotted when they near the house, and they engage the thieves. They subdue the group, and when Quarion starts to hide in a well, he finds Ravenwood coming up from below. He knocks him out. The party investigates the house briefly, and they find papers implicating many people of involvement with the thieves guild, including the prosecuting investigator (and guard that arrested Grog and Onyx), Saren. They then go back to the prison. They put the prisoner under guard and await the judgement of the morning.

In the morning, everyone is brought into court. There is a great debate in front of the Mayor and his executioner, Chelwyven. Eventually, Ravenwood is brought up to testify. He has no tongue, so Chelwyven detects his thoughts and asks him questions. She turns around and tells the court that this is not Ravenwood, but Andreev. However, the evidence stacks up against Saren’s case. He realizes this and attempts to take the Mayor hostage. He nearly makes it out of the door when Chelwyven frees the Mayor, and battle breaks out. Anna is nearly killed, but the party and Chelwyven manage to defeat Saren and his cronies. The Mayor thanks the group and rewards them for their services.



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