The Apples of Nerull

Session 2: Kickin' with the Kobolds

PCs wake up in strange rooms. They find eachother and start looking through the rooms. Behind a locked door they find a strange man. After some commotion, Madam Hucrele comes into the room. The man is her husband, Herbert Hucrele. She catches the party up to speed.

The city guards had arrived while the PCs were unconscious. They took them away, but Madame Hucrele intervened and took them to her own house. Keller fled and no one knows where to.

The party restocks and sets out on the Old Road. It is a two day trip. They camp for the night just past the mines. During the night they are set upon by several twisted tree creatures. The battle is finished with minimal trouble.

They arrive at a large ravine near nightfall. They find a rope and pulley system attached to a set of columns. They cannot see the bottom, but decide to descend anyway. The party lowers Potar into the canyon using the rope. At the bottom, he finds that the other end of the rope is attached to an elevator. The party manages to get the elevator to the top and descend down using it.

At the bottom, they decide to rest for the night. During Quarrion’s watch, he hears some chatter away from camp. He investigates and finds that between the PCs and the chatter there are ramps that go down from the side of the ravine. He stumbles down them, sees a faint light that quickly goes away, and goes back to the resting party. The party completes their sleep.

The PCs wake and descend the ramps to find themselves in a courtyard in front of a broken tower. After some struggles with dire rats and traps, they move into the tower. After some wandering, including finding a room of recent battle, a room covered in rubble that has a locked iron door in the shape of a dragon, and a room with a sturdy vat connected to tubes in the walls, they find a kobold huddling under a blanket.

After much comforting and convincing, they find that the kobold is named Meepo and that he was dragon keeper for the tribe ensconced in the ruins. The dragon that he took care of was stolen by the tribe of goblins set up further in the ruins. Meepo begins to assert that the party can help him get the dragon and gets very excited. He begins urging the PCs to follow him to the tribe’s leader, Ygdrissil.

The party agrees and Meepo leads them through several areas until they get to a room with more kobolds in it. After a brief show of hostility calmed down by Meepo and Rolena speaking quick Draconic, Meepo and the PCs get through to the kobolds and they are escorted to a large hall. At one end of the wall, a female kobold steps out from behind a curtained off room. Some of the PCs note that there is a throne behind the curtains and atop the throne a key that might work to fit the dragon door they found earlier. The party is surrounded by the little creatures as Ygdrissil addresses them in better Common than the rest of the kobolds speak.

She’s none too impressed with the outsiders, but sees their uses for recovering their dragon and giving the goblins some trouble (perhaps going out in a blaze of glory). She tells them that in exchange for helping Meepo recover their dragon, she will give them “a pretty”. After some debate in Elvish, they agree to her terms.

Ygdrissil leads them to Goblin territory, and along the way speaks to them about the history of the goblin-kobold conflict in the ruins. Gleaned from the information she gave them, the kobolds came to the ruins after some wandering and found it to their liking, with its large empty rooms and dragon decorations. They set themselves up near the throne room in which the party met Ygdrissil. Soon however, the tribe ran into the goblins who had already taken residence in the ruins. She continues to tell of the enmity between the two races, and mentions something about a grove. The party cannot obtain any time scales for the events. At this point, Ygdrissil has lead them to the first goblins and leaves them there with Meepo.

The PCs fight through room after room of goblins, finally approaching a hallway with alcoves on the sides. While the party is engaged with some dire rats there, Tsannis wanders into an adjacent room, only to run into a pair of goblins throwing javelins from behind a wall. She gets a bit injured and retreats back to the party, who at this point have taken care of the dire rats. Potar goes into the rooms that Tsannis has left and kills a couple of goblins, but decides that he is outmatched and also retreats. Calderius and Quarrion investigate the room beyond the hallway but find nothing more than old traps, unclear footprints, and empty rooms of rubble.

At this point, the PCs are tired and have expended their energies, and they decide to rest for a while. A watch is set up.



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