The Apples of Nerull

Session 3: Goblin Brawl

During the night’s watch, Rolena sees a half orc trying to sneak around from the room further in. She wakes the party as the half orc makes his way towards the group. He introduces himself as Grog. He tells them that he was from a previous adventuring party delving into these ruins. After some discussion, the party realizes that this previous party was the Hurcreles’ party, the one that they are searching for.

Grog tells them that his party was sent by a man in the town of Oakhurst to investigate what was going on with the goblins. He says that he, a paladin by the name of Phaerus, the fighter Talgen, and the wizardess Sharwyn had gone into the ruins and approached the goblins in a room with a large pit to see what was going on with the deal. They immediately attacked, screaming in Goblin. Talgen was badly hurt, the other three subdued. Then some kind of tree thing came up from the pit and took Sharwyn down screaming. Phaerus and Grog broke free from the goblins, and Grog managed to escape. He couldn’t find a way out of the ruins without running into goblins, so he hid in the room past the hallway of alcoves.

The rest of the PCs decide that the tree creatures sound like the ones they ran into on the road earlier. They decide that they had best warn Oakhurst that many of these creatures may be around and dangerous, and warn them of Keller’s treachery. Potar, being fastest, elects to go, and Grog reluctantly agrees to fill his place, despite being more interested in escaping.

The party continues through the ruins. Grog is capable of directing them back to the pit room, but it’s pretty straightforward and none is needed. They encounter no goblins on the way, despite Tsannis and Potar having run into them before. Even the bodies have been removed. Along the way, the party pick up many valuables, hidden and unhidden.

Soon, they find their way to the circular room. There is a long hallway that ends in an opening to a room covered with vines everywhere and an enormous circular pit in the center. A decked out goblin is across the pit from them, behind a short wall. As soon as he sees them, he starts screaming and gesturing. Beside this goblin cheif, Gnaarl, the PCs see a very small dragon on a tether. In addition to the goblin cheif and the dragon, there are four more goblins around the pit. The goblins attack and the party responds in kind.

Quarrion advances farther than the rest of the party, and then a goblin swings into him on a vine from an alcove. These alcoves the PCs see are all around the room. Quarrion is knocked into the pit, causing damage enough almost to knock him unconscious. At the bottom of the pit, he finds that everything is covered in vegetation, and he sees a dead humanoid on the ground beside him. Knowing he has to get back to the fight, he climbs back up one of the vines. The party continues to fight, being more wary about going too far into the room. The doors then close behind them and out from behind where the doors were comes two goblins and a leashed krenshar.

Meanwhile, Meepo has been sneaking over to where the goblin cheif and the dragon are. Gnaarl sees him at the last second and tries to swipe at him, but Meepo dodges out of the way and frees Kalcrix. The dragon then flies up to the alcoves and attacks the goblins waiting there. The krenshar, after being attacked by Grog and Calderious, goes beserk and starts attacking everyone. The PCs quickly kill off the krenshar, and its goblin masters panic and run. Gnaarl starts to make his way over to the party.

Tsannis knocks a goblin off of one of the vines and then swings herself across the pit, slashing goblins from the vine and beheading one on another vine. Rolena burns one of the goblins to death, and Quarrion and Grog take out the others while Calderious heals. The party then concentrates their attacks on Gnaarl, who is very difficult to hit. He is slain, and the party is left alone with Meepo and Kalcrix.



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