The Apples of Nerull

Sesson 1: Where are the Hucreles?

Player Characters (PCs) meet at an inn, the Copious Coin Inn, in Oakhurst, all called for a job from Madam Hucrele.

Madam Hucrele shows up and tells about how her adventurous children are missing, Talgen Hucrele and Sharwyn Hucrele. She doesn’t know much except that Adrian Keller may be involved.

PCs gather information about Keller and find that he has three warehouses in the Warehouse district of Oakhurst. They head off to the nearest one.

PCs knock at the door to talk briefly with a guard. The guard is not forthcoming about the whereabouts of Keller and ends the conversation.

Tsannis and Potar search around the warehouse for alternate entrances. Tsannis gets on Potar’s shoulders, unlocks a window, and crawls inside onto a large crate. Rolena sees the interaction and decides to do the same. Potar throws her through the warehouse window.

In the meantime, Quarion decides to investigate one of the other warehouses. He tells Potar, and Potar leaves to follow. Meanwhile, Calderius waits at the back entrance to the warehouse in case anything happens to Tsannis and Rolena.

Tsannis and Rolena jump off of the crate and are heard by one of the guards. They go to the backdoor and get it open for Calderius. Battle ensues, resulting in the death of three guards. Tsannis, Rolena, and Calderius loot the place, finding some cheap weaponry and a strangely enticing apple.

Meanwhile, Quarion and Potar approach the second warehouse and talk to a guard. He tells them where Keller lives.

They go to Keller’s manor in the Merchant’s District. The porter does not allow them to enter, so they bust the door down. They rampage through the house, though not killing anyone, and run into Adrian Keller. He calms them down and tells them that he knows where the siblings are, since he sent them.

Keller makes a deal with them, telling them that he is concerned for the siblings’ lives too. He agrees that if Quarion and Potar can find a couple more people to go with them, he will pay them to go investigate the Ruined Citadel where Talgen and Sharwyn are. They need to sleep at the manor first. In the morning, Keller holds Quarion in his manor while Potar leaves to find the rest of the group.

Tsannis, Rolena, and Calderius went back to the inn after the battle and rested / waited for Potar and Quarion. When they don’t arrive by morning, the three go to the warehouse that Potar and Quarion went to. They don’t find any information about the two missing PCs, but they do learn where Keller’s manor is. They approach the manor, and mention looking for a half orc. Keller hears and is intrigued.

The three go with him and start talking about the siblings. He gets suspicious. He orders his men to take Quarion into the room. He brings in more guards and demands they give up their possessions. Potar comes in and he demands the same. Potar refuses and a fight ensues. Keller turns invisible. The party slays all of the guards, but all but Tsannis are knocked unconscious. Tsannis is also knocked unconscious, and Potar is mysteriously healed before he can die.



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