The Apples of Nerull

The Gnoll Hunters

The party decides to leave for Morrow. Garrus asks around and finds a cheap horse renting place. They rent several horses for the trip. They prepare for the week and a half trip, and leave Oakhurst.

Several days into the trip, the party hears a war horn several miles ahead. They disregard it until they are attacked during the night by a group of gnolls. One is a particularly tough gnoll, with pure white fur and nature spells at hand. They defeat the aggressors, but the white fur gnoll escapes.

The next day, they are waylaid by the gnolls again. The white fur gnoll announces himself as Kelf, and tells them that they will die or live as slaves. He has several gnolls, wargs, and ogres with him. As an attempt to avoid the encounter, the party splits up into two groups. However, the gnolls and wargs catch up with them, and they are engaged in battle. The party defeats Kelf and his gnolls before the ogres arrive and flee on their horses. They then arrive at Morrow.



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