Male tiefling shadowdancer, small stature, master of illusion


Little is known about the tiefling Orhello. It is thought that he was born on this plane. It is thought that he learned the beginnings of his illusion magic in New Ys. He traveled extensively between the planes, especially upon the Plane of Shadows. At some point he met Bael Bonewasher in his travels and became friends if not more. Other than this, what is known is his end. He was famously involved in sneaking Bael and Ursa Starskin into the Titan’s camp in the Karkiss Pass and died in the retrieval of the Titan’s phylactery.

It is said that he was madly in love with Bael and that in truth he cared little for the Material Plane. However, he is still honored in the same sentence as Bael and Ursa, so perhaps it makes no difference.


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