The Titan War

The Titan War began in truth in 406 AE. The drow queen Herexis who ruled the small number of drow below the hills of Shen in the Underdark grew impatient with the skirmishes and wars with the elves of Shen. She called for her most powerful wizards and clerics and together they summoned the nefarious pit fiend known on the Material Plane as the Titan. Herexis yet lives, but no one knows what terms were debated between the Titan and her, only that in the end it accepted them. Scholars wonder if she ever truly had control of it.

The drow rushed above ground to the primarily peaceful city of Shen with the Titan. It easily wiped out the city’s defenses and watched while Herexis and her drow put the people to sword. Then it headed on west, without the drow. Laying waste to the countryside around Os, it eventually garnered the aid of the faithful of Erythnal, in particular the powerful cleric Sheverick, known as the Mad Demon. As the city of Os called together its finest warriors and clerics to do battle with the pair, they turned south from the Gates of Os.

The drow joined them north of the Falls of Shenindoa, and more mercenaries joined them from Denar after they passed the Falls. The Titan took its now sizeable army sacked the city of Tar Valon, though not Tar Valon’s Dagger itself. The Dagger and the mages within fought off what they could and the towers defenses took care of what they couldn’t.

The Titan and the Mad Demon proceeded toward Panhek by way of the Karkiss Pass. However, they were held up at the Karhold by a small force of dwarves and of wizards who had escaped the Dagger before the sack of Tar Valon. As the Titan’s army whittled away at the defenses of the fort and the Mad Demon’s clerics battered the wizards into submission, three legendary figures did the impossible. A monk from Os named Bael, later known as Bael Bonewasher, a cleric of Corellon Larethian Ursa Starskin, and a shadowdancer from New Ys Orhello slipped into the Titan’s camp, up to his very tent, and stole his phylactery, though Orhello died in the attempt.

Bael and Ursa fled by the wind from the pass to the northeast, trying to get as far from the Titan as possible. It chased them and over the Kor Plains slew Ursa Starskin. There Bael and the fiend did battle. No one saw the battle closely and even arcane and divine magic reveals nothing about what went on during it, but in the end the only thing that remained was the great volcano Morrowmount. The city of Morrow grew up in its shadow and honors the passing of the three heroes. Though many say that Bael, or even the fiend itself, yet lives and wanders yet around the Kor Plains.

After the Titan’s apparent banishment or death, its army in the Karkiss Pass fell apart. The drow clerics slit the throat of the Mad Demon while he slept and fled back to the hills of Shen. A dwarven sally came forth from the Karhold to scatter the remaining mercenaries, but the devastation was over.

The Titan War

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