The Apples of Nerull

Asking Questions

The party decides that it is time for a little intel. Quarion is interested in getting a new bow, specifically in making a new bow. He searches around town for information about bowmakers. The rest of the party look for information about Keller and Ravenwood. They split into two groups: Rolena and Vaden searching around the merchant and government districts, and Grog and Onyx searching in the slums.

Quarion finds that there is an esteemed bowmaker in another city, by the name of INSERT NAME. Vaden and Rolena find that Keller was involved with a cult, the Mythic Dawn, and that Ravenwood is a man who is heavily involved with the Theives Guild in the town and surrounding area, perhaps a high ranking member. They get some of this information by reading the mind of a “purveyor of fine goods” trying to sell them stolen items. Grog and Quarion get assaulted by a halfling theif and some friends of his. They capture him and tell him to take them to someone who knows about Ravenwood. After some cajoling, he agrees.

Quarion meets back up with Rolena and Vaden, and they try to camp in a city park. After a guard rouses them and tells them to leave, they go to a nearby bar and continue acquiring information.

Grog and Onyx are led to the house of Andreev. It is a small house with one door. The halfling tells them that he will go inside to prepare Andreev for them. He does not return and after a few minutes, the two bust down the door. They find the halfling dead with a quarrel in his stomach, and the house empty otherwise. They begin searching around for escape routes, but are interrupted when the guards come in and accuse them of murder. After a scuffle, the guards take them to the town’s prison.



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