The Apples of Nerull


Grog and Onyx wake up in one of the prison’s small cells. They try to talk to the prison guard, to little effect. They call for one of the prisoners in the prison’s large cell, and one of the halflings responds. He calls himself Jaxx. The policy of Oakhurst is not to imprison halflings permanently except for very serious crimes, so he leaves his cell to go over and talk to them. He gives them some information on who would be representing them and what the justice system is like. He then slips them a coin and a note, and he leaves.

The coin has a halfling’s smiling face on it. The note explains how it works. Placing it on the floor and spinning a finger around it produces an image of a golden halfling who laughs insanely, goes through the cell bars and then out the door. The guard is surprised at this, but soon figures out that it was simply illusion.

Quarion, Rolena, and Vaden find out that Grog and Onyx have been imprisoned. They get information on what they are accused of and the court system, and they head over to the prison. Meanwhile, a man is brought into the prison and is placed in the cell beside the party prisoners. He talks to them about why he was imprisoned and finds out why they were, and gives them information on the representation, specifically their investigator, Garrus, and the alternative, Norris. After the rest of the party arrives and they all catch up, the man is released from the cell and introduces himself as Garrus.

The free party joins Garrus in an investigation. They delve into the sewers under Andreev’s house. They soon encounter a sea hag. Quarion is scared off and runs off further into the sewers. The others defeat the hag, though Garrus and Rolena took strength damage. Vaden takes a party of guards and continues into the sewers.

Quarion comes to his senses in the tunnels. He hears some people talking and stealthily investigates. He hears mention of Ravenwood and some other things, and then leaves to find his way back to Andreev’s. He successfully makes it there, by which time a cleric has arrived to heal Garrus and Rolena.

Vaden and guards Anna, Tom, and Ulga are going through the tunnels when they happen upon a party of rogues with loot. After a brief battle, they capture the wererat of the group and kill or rout the rest. They return to Andreev’s, only to find Garrus, Rolena, and Quarion coming back down.

Vaden goes with them to return to where Quarion heard the voices. They find a Theives Guild complex, abandoned except for a man sitting at the table in the central room. He introduces himself as Andreev and tells them he’s willing to give information about Ravenwwod if they let him leave the city. They agree, and he tells them where to find Ravenwood at sunset the next day. The party then attempts to capture him, but he quaffs a potion of invisibility and escapes.

The party loots and returns to the surface through an alternate exit. They return to the government district to turn over some evidence. A guard sees them and quickly warns Garrus that there is a warrant for his arrest. Garrus turns himself in and the rest of the party goes to an inn for the night.



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