The Apples of Nerull

The Great Alleyway Chase

Our heroes return to Oakhurst battered and bruised, but still alive. Their first order of business is to tend to the critically wounded Sharwyn. They find Madam Hucrele in her shop and relate to her the events that transpired in the Citadel. Though heartbroken to hear that her son did not survive, she thanks the party for their help in bringing her daughter back alive and immediately summons help to tend to Sharwyn. She invites the party to meet her at her mansion later to claim the reward she had promised but suggests that instead of gold she could buy them a house in town. The party decides to consider her offer and later in the day. In the meantime they leave Madam Hucrele alone with her daughter and depart to tend to their own wounded.

Calderius suggests that the group visit the temple of Pelor across town. There they meet Scar, a cleric with a troubled past and the eponymous laceration across his face. Scar is able to heal Grog of his tree-paladin-induced deafness for a nominal fee. He then tries unsuccessfully to cure Tsannis of the poison she sustained from foolishly attempting to eat one of the apples of Nerull. Before leaving, the party talks to Scar about his upbringing, the origin of his name (which apparently wasn’t obvious to some), and the nature of the dark apples. Scar recommends a cleric in Morrow, the town directly north of Oakhurst, who may be able to heal Tsannis, and the party leaves one of the apples with him for further examination. They then depart minus Calderius, who decides to remain at the temple for some hardcore praying, and Onyx, who wanders off to mope about his god abandoning him.

Deciding to stock up on supplies, the group heads toward Oakhurst’s market district. On the way they notice two shadowy figures in brown jerkins that appear to be following them. Once they realize they’ve been spotted the two mysterious individuals duck into the crowd in opposite directions. The party decides to split up and follow them with Rolena and Tsannis following one and Quarion and Grog following the other.

The men track their quarry through winding side streets and alleys until he eventually disappears into a building. Listening at the door, Grog hears a conversation between what seems to be the man they were following and another unknown individual. One of the men explains that he was unable to obtain some jewels he was sent for because he was spotted and forced to flee. The other tells him to go see Ravenwood. Neither Quairon nor Grog is familiar with the name, and they decide to ask around later to figure it out.

Meanwhile, Rolena and Tsannis follow the other pursuer into a crowd and separate from each other when they lose sight of him. Rolena searches several nearby alleys but finds nothing. Tsannis also fails to track the person but is then surprised by a hand on her shoulder. She turns around to see none other than her brother Vaden, a scout fighter, wearing the familiar brown jerkin. Vaden explains that he came to Oakhurst to help Tsannis after hearing of her injury and offers to stay with her party and represent her interests so she can leave for Morrow to be healed. After Tsannis’s departure, the party reconvenes at the Hucrele mansion to rest, relate the day’s events to each other, and collect their reward.



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